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Ballet for Children

Why study ballet

Ballet is beneficial to children in many ways.

First of all, they will learn one of the oldest art form that has been passed on from generations. Ballet also strengthens the body especially the abdominal and the muscles of the legs which creates graceful movement and good control of balance. The aerobics aspect of ballet enhances the better working of blood circulation and of the lungs. Ballet is also another way for children to be familiar with classical music, which, in the present time, they have very little contact with.
Apart from gaining more physical skill, children who are well-taught will possess good manner and discipline since ballet requires strong discipline of body and concentration of the mind.
Ballet is the most interesting hobby for children since it is art as well as sports. Ordinary children will attend once or twice a week lessons while the more serious training will require more classes per week.

Selecting a School


Selecting a good school and teacher is the most important step to start learning ballet.

Since ballet is an art that personally transferred from one person to another, selecting a good teacher with advanced knowledge of ballet, good personality, good taste and articulate verbally will be the first choice to look for.
Before enrolling for ballet, it is wise for the parents to go look and compare a few reputable schools. Learning some background of the school such as the owner’s profile, the outcome and the success of the students, how will the school is accepted in the local and international dance circle. Also look at the personality of the present students and the overall atmosphere of the school.

Other Benefits

Although not many children will grow up into the professional ballet career, children with ballet background will progress more physical ability, ready to take part in social activities with confidence.

They are usually selected to participate or represent their schools or higher institute. These children will grow up with interests in many other forms of arts, with deeper understanding of their own culture as well as the others. Their regular exercise habit since childhood will also establish the health conscious which in many cases, lead to the love of exercising all through their adult lives.
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