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Contemporary Dance

Contemporary dance

focuses on creative self-expression, breaks the rigid constraints of classical ballet to reach a free, fluid and pleasant movement.

The class focuses on clear use of weight, movement dynamics, quality of movement and energy.

A complete warm-up and stretching, starting with floor and standing exercises that build into longer, more complex and energetic movement sequences travelling across the space.

The class develops posture, line, articulation and coordination but with a stronger focus on quality of movement.

The class is challenging but relaxed with an emphasis on expression and pleasure.

The second part of the class is a long combination of movements which gives the students the opportunity to experiment the elements learned during the class and to use all their qualities, not only physical but emotional as well.

Class after class, the students will have to go deeper into the quality of movement in order to change their usual and stereotyped gesture into a dancing movement more symbolic and personal.
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